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Friday, April 13, 2012

Stanislaus Sheriff shot and killed, Suspect in Burned out home

Gunman who killed deputy and 2nd man in Modesto is presumed dead

Modesto police are in charge of the overall investigation. ATF agents will handle crime scene inside the house.

fire-gutted, California apartment where they expect to find a suspect in the shooting deaths of a deputy and a civilian after a daylong standoff.

MODESTO, Calif. - Investigators on Friday morning were waiting to get the all clear from fire officials before entering a Modesto apartment that was gutted by fire to check on the status of a suspect in the shooting deaths of a deputy and a civilian, police said.
Modesto police spokesman Chris Adams said it was not known whether the suspect was dead.

UPDATE - 3:05 p.m Body found in home on Chrysler Drive; Identity of dead person unknown, a day after a standoff left a deputy and civilian dead in Modesto, Calif.
 The standoff began Thursday morning after gunfire broke out as two Stanislaus County deputies went to the Whispering Woods development to serve an eviction notice. A deputy were killed, civilian critcally injured the suspect immediately barricaded himself inside an apartment.

UPDATE - 10:45 a.m. The only building damaged in the fire overnight in the 2100 block of Chrysler Drive was the fourplex in which the gunman holed up and then burned down, police report.
That fourplex and four others close by will continue to be blocked off even after the rest of the units in the block are opened to residents later today, Officer Chris Adams said.
Modesto police are in charge of the overall investigation and handling the crime scene outside the building. Federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents will handle the investigation inside the shell of the apartment house that burned. They brought dogs with them to scene this morning.
Because no one has entered the structure, there was still no confirmation late this morning that the gunman's body was inside.
No news conferences or press briefings have been scheduled.
UPDATE - 10:10 a.m. The 2100 block of Chrysler Drive is still closed, but Modesto police spokesman officer Chris Adams says he expects most of the block will be opened between noon and 2 p.m.
Police have set up an inner perimeter around the apartment house and a few others close by. That area likely will remain closed possibly into Saturday, Adams said.
About 30 people spent the night at the Prescott Evangelical Free Church, where a relief center was set up. More people arrived this morning after having spent the night elsewhere.
UPDATE - 9:45 a.m. Investigators began examining the area outside a home destroyed by fire overnight where a gunman shot and killed a sheriff's deputy and another man Thursday.
Authorities presumed they would find the remains of the gunman in the rubble.
Modesto police spokesman Chris Adams revealed that investigators were certain he was alive Thursday night because when SWAT teams began sending tear gas into the home, someone was turning off and on the lights inside.
A huge fire broke out at the apartment home about 9:45 and burned for several hours.
Jonathon Mullinix, who lives in the neighborhood, said he knew the suspect and that he had rifles, shotguns, tactical gear, generators and other equipment in the house.
Mullinix said he gave police that information Thursday during the standoff.
Ferrario was "a very quiet man. He wasn't social. He didn't car to be around people."
Authorities have not released the gunman's name, nor have the released the name of the second person he killed.
The sheriff's deputy killed was Robert Paris. His name was released Thursday evening.
UPDATE - 8:10 a.m. Investigators are waiting for clearance from fire officials so they can enter what's left of the home that was destroyed by fire overnight. A man who gunned down a sheriff's deputy and another man yesterday had holed up inside the apartment on Chrysler Drive.
Modesto Police officer told KCRA TV in a live broadcast just after 8 a.m. that police expected they'd gain access to the home "within the next six to eight hours."
UPDATE - 6:55 a.m. At dawn, fire crews were mopping up hot spots in the home on Chrysler Drive that caught fire and was badly damaged overnight. A gunman who killed a sheriff's deputy and another man there Thursday morning had holed up and a long standoff ensued. Sheriff Adam Christianson said the gunman is presumed dead in the rubble.
UPDATE - 6:20 a.m. A sheriff's deputy and another man trying to serve an eviction notice at an apartment complex were shot dead Thursday by a man who holed up and began a long standoff. A raging fire broke out at the home, and as dawn approached today it was presumed the suspect was dead


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