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Friday, March 16, 2012

Dallas Texas: Shots Fired By Firefighter In Firehouse

Shots were fired at 2 Dallas Firehouses this week.

In the latest incident, a 37 year old Dallas firefighter was arrested yesterday afternoon for shooting a gun in the firehouse. Apparently last week that FF brought semi-automatic handgun to the station on his day off and was waiving the weapon around pointing it at the other Firefighters.

Word is he pulled the trigger several times, but only one bullet fired. The other Firefighters took cover and no one was hurt. The cops had been looking for the FF deadly conduct charges. He was arrested just before 1700 outside his home in Irving. He was still wearing a Dallas Fire Rescue t-shirt.

He's has been placed on paid administrative leave. A DFR internal affairs investigation will be conducted alongside the criminal investigation. DFR hopes to find out what happened to the 8-year veteran.

"If there's something going on in his personal life, we want to use our resources that we have available to us as the city of Dallas and fire department to help make the situation better," said Lt. Joel Lavender, a DFR outstanding response by DFR.

AND there was another shooting at Dallas Fire Station 1 on Tuesday. That was a drive-by shooting and two bullets pierced the garage doors. No one was hurt. Police are not saying if they believe the two cases are related. DFR said it's unlikely, but it is waiting for ballistics test results.

Source: BillyG The Secret List 3-16-12 / 1143 Hours

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