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Friday, March 9, 2012

Chimney Rock Prescribed Pile Burn Restart

 CHIMNEY ROCK — A burn pile lit by CAL FIRE crews a week earlier began burning again under the strong winds on Tuesday, March 6 at approximately 1:20 p.m.

The area burned is part of a 250-acre prescribed fire project that was first planned to be burned last fall. The fire was confined to a 70-acre portion of the project area, all within the planned control lines.

This fire was not a threat to the surrounding wildlands at any time. In order to remain within the environmental parameters of the prescribed fire project and meet project objectives, firefighters used the existing control lines to extinguish the fire.

Firefighters remained at the scene throughout the night and on Wednesday to monitor the fire. Residents in the area for several days may see some smoke as portions of the interior of the burn area are consumed. Prescribed fires are part of the CAL FIRE Vegetation Management Program and are intended to reduce hazardous concentrations of brush and other wildland fuels in areas historically prone to wildfires.

The project also provides range improvement for the participating rancher and improves forage for deer and other wildlife.

For additional information contact Alan Peters, Division Chief at 903-3406

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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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