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Saturday, November 19, 2011

LAFD: UST Technical Confined Space Rescue

Confined Space Rescue
3171 North Gaffey Street
Harbor City
Friday, November 18, 2011
TIME: 12:06 PM
INCIDENT #: 0595

HARBOR CITY - Two workers performing routine maintenance in a large underground tank, were rescued today after one fell and was injured, and the other followed him down trying to try to help.

At 12:06 pm on Friday, November 18, 2011, the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to a "Confined Space Rescue" at 3171 North Gaffey Street near Harbor City. A large response was dispatched and even more resources were called to the scene, when it was confirmed that two male employees were approximately 27 feet below ground and in need of help. The incident would require a very technical rescue to be performed by the LAFD's Urban Search & Rescue Team.

Once all technical aspects of this emergency operation were addressed and assembled by the nearly 80 personnel on-scene, two Firefighter/Specialists "made entry" and descended into the "50,000 barrel, fuel-storage tank." A 21 year-old, male employee was found conscious at the bottom of the tank with an injury to one of his lower extremities. He had apparently lost his balance attempting to install a piece of equipment in the tank, resulting in the fall. A male co-worker, of approximately the same age, was not injured as he attempted to assist in his colleague's misfortune. Once rescued, both were evaluated, treated and then transported to a local hospital for further observation.
While the entire incident took much longer, the "Confined Space Rescue" was accomplished in just over one hour. There were no other injuries reported. 

Dispatched Units: 
E38 RA38 E48 RA64 T48 E248 HR56 EM11 BC4 E85 T5 E205 RA5 UR88 BC6 E64 E285 
E5 EM6 DC2 SQ21 RA85 BC11 EM9 EM11 LO1 E49 RA57 H6 RM2 CM2 E21 SU1 

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