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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Comanche Fire - Recommended evacuations have been issued for Stallion Springs. The evacuation center will be Jacobsen Middle School in Tehachapi.
Kern County Lightning Fires

 Incident Time: 03:18:00 AM

Incident Date: 09-10-2011

Incident Type: Lightning Caused Wildland Vegetation Fires
Resources Used: VariousAssisting Agencies: CAL FIRE, CAL EMA, KCSO, CHP

Cause: Lightning

September 11, 4:50 PM

Recommended Evacuations for Stallion Springs

Wildland fires are threatening the community of Stallion Springs.
The community of Stallion Springs is currently under a recommended evacuation.

A recommended evacuation means that the fire is an imminent threat and all persons in the evacuation area are strongly advised to leave and seek shelter away from the fire area. A recommended evacuation will likely be the last warning given.

Kern County emergency authorities recommend that all persons in the community of Stallion Springs evacuate as soon as possible.An emergency evacuation center will be opened at Jacobsen Middle School, 711 Anita Drive in Tehachapi.

At this point, only the community of Stallion Springs is under a recommended evacuation. Other communities in the area remain under a precautionary evacuation. You will be contacted again if the situation changes.

Please make sure your neighbors are alerted. Please stay tuned to you local television and radio stations for more information as it becomes available. If you need additional information please contact the Kern County Call Center at (661) 873-2680 or Kern County Information and Referral Services at 2-1-1.

All large animals that can be evacuated can be taken to the Tehachapi Rodeo Grounds.
Radio Communication frequencies
153.7850 167.9 Kern 1 'Dispatch'
155.8800 167.9 Kern 2 'Command 2'
155.6250 167.9 Kern 3 'Command 3'
154.8600 167.9 Kern 4 'Command 4'
151.1000 167.9 Kern 5 'Command 5'
151.4750 167.9 Tac 2C
158.7375 167.9 Tac 3C
159.4725 167.9 Tac 4C
154.4525 167.9 Tac 5C
159.1500 167.9 Tac 16C 'Mutual Aid'
170.5500 LPF Forest Net
151.2725 Air Tactics
166.8750 Air-Ground
118.9500 Victor_______________________________________________________________________________________________________


September 11, 2:30 PM

Blue Fire

Located north of Highway 155 between Blue Mt. Rd. and White River Blvd.

Fire has consumed approximately 1,200 acres and is 80% contained.

No structures are threatened.

Milano Fire

Located on Breckenridge Rd. east of Comanche Dr. and Walker Basin area.

Fire has consumed approximately 10,000 acres. Containment is unknown.

A Federal Type 2 team has been assigned to manage this fire.

Fire has burned onto the forest.

Comanche Complex Update

Four fires have combined to make up the Comanche Complex. Incident Command Post is located on Laval Rd. West off I-5.

Comanche Fire

Located in the lower Tejon Canyon.

Fire has consumed approximately 15,000 acres, is 30% contained and is threatening Stallion Springs.

Knob Fire

Located south of Hwy 166 between I-5 and Maricopa.

Fire has consumed approximately 1,500 acres and is 90% contained.

Wolf Fire

Located near Hwy 166 and Old River Rd.

Fire has consumed approximately 100 acres and is 100% contained.

Harris Fire

Fire has consumed approximately 100 acres.

Containment is unknown.

Structures are threatened in Bear Valley and Stallion Springs.

Keene Complex

Incident Name: Keene Complex Location: South West Kern County, Tehachapi Area Incident Command: CAL FIRE Incident Command Team # 6 has established Unified Command with the Kern County Fire Department

Start Date: September 10, 2011
Cause: Lightning
Firefighter Injuries: 2 (minor injuries sustained)
Total Personal: 1305

Keene Complex is managing three branches:
Black Branch
Location: between Harts Flat Road and Black Mountain Road
Acres: Estimated Containment: 80% Expected Containment: Unknown
3,000 Structures Damaged: 0 Structures Destroyed: 0
(None Reported) (None Reported)

Indian Branch
Location:In the area of Piute Road and Indian Creek Road
Acres: Estimated Containment: 40% Expected Containment: Unknown
2,000 Structures Damaged: 0 Structures Destroyed: 0
(None Reported) (None Reported)

Baker Branch
Location:West side of Walker Road
Acres: Estimated Containment: 80% Expected Containment:Unknown
1200 Structures Damaged: 0 Structures Destroyed: 0
(None Reported) (None Reported)

Current Situation:
Kern County experienced large thunderstorms with lightning strikes that have caused multiple fires throughout the County. Firefighters are actively engaged in firefighting efforts throughout the Keene complex area and are making progress constructing containment lines. Other fires identified in the Keene Complex will be added to the updates throughout the day.

September 11, 08:00

There are 4 main fires being worked by resources

Keene Complex - combining Black 3000 acres, Indians 2000 acres, Baker 1200 acres. Total 6200 acfres, 0% containment. CAL FIRE Incident Command Team # 6 in place.

Comanche Complex - combining Comanche, Knob, Wolf, Harris. Awaiting morning update. CAL FIRE Incident Command Team # 7 in place.

Milano Fire - 6500 acres, 0% contained. California South Central Sierra a Federal Type 2 Incident Management Team will transition into command of this fire later today.

Blue Fire - 1200 acres, 50% contained. This fire is north of Hwy 155, near the community of Woody.


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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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