Monday, June 20, 2011

CA-KRN-Antelope - Wildland Fire - 5,196 acres - 20% contained

Antelope Fire Location and Perimeter Map
The fire is burning in the McDonald / Acticline Oil Field and is moving to the west and has now burned into San Luis Obispo County along the Temblor Range. Smoke may be visible along I-5. CAL FIRE Incident Command Team 10 is enroute.   

CA-KRN-Antelope Wildland Fire Perimeter Map
CA-KRN-Antelope - Wildland Fire Map - 5,196 acres - 20% contained

Update: 7-19 0630hrs- 5,196 acres - 20% contained
Update: 7-19 2030hrs- 4700 acres (Per Kern County F.D. Facebook page)
Update: 7-19 1630hrs- 3000 acres with 10% containment.
Update: 7-19 1430hrs- IC is now reporting 2000 acres
Update: 7-19 1400hrs- 1300 acres.
Update: 7-19 1300hrs- 800 and 1000 acres now
Update: 7-19 Noon- 600 acs; Per IC -Requesting 2 ST Crews, Add. Dozer, Immediate Need to the Fire. Fire is Spotting.
Update: 7-19 1100- AA-490 reports 350 acs, light fuels, Rapid ROS, IC Requesting a 2nd Alarm, ATs, Add. Helos. Theres been a wind shift and the fire is now making a run at some Structures there in the Area.
Name: Antelope Fire
County: Kern County / San Luis Obispo County Location: 12 miles south west of the community of Lost Hills (Kern County). Access is off of Highway 46 at Antelope road. Then 7 miles south.
Administrative Unit: Kern County Fire Department / CAL FIRE San Luis Obispo Unit
Date Started: June 19, 2011 10:15 am
Last update: June 20, 2011 9:20 am
Air Resources:
AA-490, AA-500
ATs - 74, 75, 76, 81
Helos - 408, 523, 527
Ground Resources:
Dozers - Kern Dozer 1, 5
Engines - 3 Kern Engines, 7 Kern Patrols, 2 BLM Engines, 1 BLM Patrol
Crews - 2 Kern Crews, BLM Crew 5
WTs - Kern WT 51, BLM WT 3191
Online Scanner:
Communications: Local - 153,785
Command - Kern 3 - 155.625
Tac - VFire 23 - 154.295
Air - 151.310
A/G - 151.220
155.625 Kern 3 & 151.325 SLU Local
154.265 VFire 22 Branch 2
154.295 VFire 23 Branch 1 Division A
168.050 NIFC Tac 1 Branch 1 Division B
168.200 NIFC Tac 2 Branch 1 Division C
Air Tactics
151.310 air Tactical
151.220 Air to Ground
131.475 Victor Net- Helo Coordination

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