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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CA-BDU Roundup Fire - SB County - 275 acres 35% forward rate stopped.

 Update 1300hrs: Holding at 275 acres, 35% contained.
Update 1120hr: Per AA 310, fire is at 275 acres with forward rate stopped.
Update 1100hrs: 250 acres, San Bernardino transferring fire to CAL FIRE, some SBCFD units released.
Update 1030hrs: 200+ acres, 15MPH winds. Structure threat.
Update 09:50hr:  20+ acres, mod ROS. Wind driven, structure threat.
Update 0915hrs: BDU (CALFIRE) - South Apple Valley Brush Fire, Kiowa X Roundup, 15 acres, 15MPH winds. Structure threat. Aircraft order bumped up. Fire moving towards apple valley. 5 additional calfire type 3 engines requested.
note: also being called Sunset Fire, Combined Fire. checking

Roundup Fire
County: San Bernardino County
Location: Roundup Way and Kiowa Rd, in the Apple Valley area.
GPS: 34°25'14.30"N 117°12'26.31"W
Google Map: Link
Administrative Unit: CAL FIRE San Bernardino Unit
Status/Notes: 200 acres
Date Started: June 1, 2011 8:54 am
Last update: June 1, 2011 10:00 am
Resources: BDF responding to assist CDD w/ BC3618, DIV9, H554 (on scene), & WT3690. WT 8,

Air resources: AA-310, Helicopter 554, H-305(Prado), Tanker 72, Tanker 95, Tanker 06  
Comm Plan: CDF Command 2 - 151.265, CDF Tac 8 - 151.370
151.2200, White 3
Staging on Fireground #1
SBC on radioreferance: Link
Google Map of Initial Attack area:

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****REMINDER**** Every fire has the ability to be catastrophic. The wildland fire management environment has profoundly changed. Growing numbers of communities, across the nation, are experiencing longer fire seasons; more frequent, bigger, and more severe, fires are a real threat. Be careful with all campfires and equipment.
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