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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Current California Radiation Levels - EPA RadNet

EPA's RadNet Monitoring Data

EPA's nationwide radiation monitoring system, RadNet, continuously monitors the nation's air and regularly monitors drinking water, milk and precipitation for environmental radiation. The RadNet system consists of both fixed and deployable air monitors, and we also send milk, drinking water and precipitation samples from these and other locations for laboratory analysis. Click a dot to see both near-real-time air data and lab data for that location. We also provide a Daily Data Summary and more information about EPA's Air Monitoring Data and Laboratory Data. You can also view laboratory results and monitors by state below.

US state map showing RADNET monitor locations

Laboratory Data

As of April 5, 2011, EPA will present its laboratory data in an interactive format and move away from posting sampling results in pdf's. This is part of our continued effort to make the data more useful to the public. The pdf's published in the past are still available below, but are also incorporated into the current interactive format.
For the latest interactive RadNet sampling results:

Air Filter and Cartridge Results

Precipitation Results

Milk Results

Drinking Water

Fixed Monitoring Locations


Anaheim | Bakersfield | Eureka | Fresno | Los Angeles | Riverside | Sacramento | San Bernardino| San Diego | San Francisco | San Jose

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