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Friday, March 11, 2011

California Tsunami Incident Information

Tsunami Wave Height Model Shows Pacific-Wide Impact Model runs from the Center for Tsunami Research at the NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory show the expected wave heights of the tsunami as it travels across the Pacific basin. NOAA

California Tsunami

Last Updated: March 13, 2011 9:00 am
Date/Time Started: March 11, 2011 1:00 am
Administrative Unit:
County: Coastal Counties
Location: California Coast
Acres Burned:
Containment The Tsunami Warning & Advisory for the California Coast has been canceled.
Evacuations: All evacuations have been lifted. Residents have been allowed to return home.
Conditions: Throughout the day on Friday, March 11 and into Saturday, March 12, CAL FIRE crews were actively engaged in tsunami response and assisting with evacuations throughout the California Coast. CAL FIRE provides fire services through cooperative agreements with departments affected including the San Luis Obispo County Fire, Santa Cruz County Fire, Pismo Beach Fire, Coastside Fire Protection District (Half Moon Bay). In many of the Coastal areas CAL FIRE held personnel on duty, increased staffing, as well as put its swift water rescue teams, helicopters and fire crews all on stand by.
Public Warning Residents and visitors are advised to remain vigilant and cautious around the water. Even though underwater currents and riptides have diminished, they are still being registered on tidal gauges up and down the coast, though less frequently and less powerful than previously measured.
Humboldt/Del Norte County The Humboldt/Del Norte area was hit by multiple surges of water throughout the day with extensive damage reported particularly in Crescent City. CAL FIRE assisted Crescent City and Arcadia Fire Districts with several fire engines, as well as having a helicopter assigned for possible rescue operations.
Santa Cruz County CAL FIRE / Santa Cruz County Fire Department assisted with the evacuation of the community of Pajaro Dunes. That evacuation order was lifted Friday afternoon. Fire resources spent most of yesterday patrolling areas along the coast for impacts and pre-planning for emergencies.
San Luis Obispo County CAL FIRE assisted law enforcement agencies to evacuated approximately 1,800 residents from low lying coastal communities. Those evacuation orders were lifted Friday afternoon. At the peak CAL FIRE / San Luis Obispo County Fire had 23 fire resources assigned to patrolling and responding to tsunami related incidents, as well as working in the County’s Emergency Operation Center in preplanning for increased emergency impacts. The Diablo Canyon Power Plant status identified an “Unusual Event” due to the precautionary road closure and evacuation of the community of Avila Beach.
San Mateo County CAL FIRE / San Mateo County Fire Department resources spent most of yesterday patrolling coastal areas.
Sonoma County CAL FIRE / Sea Ranch Fire Department resources spent most of yesterday patrolling coastal areas.
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More Information Tsunami Wave Height Model:

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