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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ouestions the San Diego Sheriff will not answer regarding Escondido Bomb House

I have contacted the SDCSD repeatedly on Facebook and Twitter and they refuse to answer the following questions:
Update: PIO(Jan Caldwell) answered number 1 via private email. They still will not discuss this in a public online forum.
PIO(Ken Culver) answered question number 2 via private email.
  1. Question: Can you legally make residents evacuate their homes for this event? Answer: No, just as during wild fires, we cannot force someone to leave their home.
  2. Question: If resident in evacuation area refuses to leave what will be SDCSD reaction, would you cancel burn? Answer: We treat these type of evacuations as advisories. We try to provide the evacuation information and give alternate sites at which people can to shelter, but in the end if a person elects to refuse the evacuation, they remain at their own peril. We have no interest in making arrests or using force to remove residents from their homes under these conditions.
  3. Question: All of the chemicals pictured seem stable and in some cases original shipping containers why not just take them out? simple haz-mat protocols
  4. Question: What Due Process did the wife receive prior to your planned destruction of her property and belongings? Also it seems like you could retrieve family photos and jewelry etc.
  5. Question: What amount and type of actual explosives do you know exist in home or on property?
  6. Question: What amount and type of actual "Dangerous" Chemicals do you know exist in home or on property? Ammonium Nitrate and such is not "Dangerous" properly stored.
  7. Question: Do you have PIO or other Social Media person that actually checks Twitter, or Facebook messages or is it a one-way relationship?
I ask these questions in good faith. I suspect this operation is one of expediency, and not necessarily the best for the homeowners including the suspects wife or the public at large.
I suspect this is more about a PR stunt, FEMA reimbursement, and Insurance Co writing a check instead of doing a diligent cleanup of the home.

Related Note: Unabomber: Ted Kaczynski 's cabin was full of explosives and bomb making materials, the FBI dismantled it and shipped it to Washington safely.

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