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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Updated: Missing Child FOUND: 15-year-old Stephanie Cudd, Possibly Endangered

Update 1-28: "Our prayers have been answered," the family said in a statement. "Carl MArino of Butler and Associates Investigation located Stephanie. While she is not home, we know that Stephanie is safe and nearby." 
 Sheriff's detectives believe that Concord resident Eva Nichols, 39, hid Cudd in her home during the entire time the teen was missing. They charge that Nichols, Cudd's boyfriend's mother, faked a phone call and misinformed investigators. In one instance, detectives say that Cudd was hiding in a crawl space as they searched Nichols' house.
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Stephanie Cudd, a 15 years old sophomore at College Park High, has been missing for 3 days… She is approx 5’ 4” about 100 pounds, last seen in her home last Sunday night.
15-year-old Stephanie Cudd, is missing.

The girl pictured above, 15-year-old Stephanie Cudd, is missing from Martinez/Pacheco area.

Her friends and family aren’t sure if she ran away or left under other circumstances, they just want to find her. She did take a suitcase full of clothes, according to a family friend, but her parents aren’t sure why she would have left.
She’s from the Martinez/Pacheco area, and the photo shown above is the most recent picture of her.
Unconfirmed but information is she did not bring her cell phone with her, and the sim card was missing. Her computer was also totally cleaned out, all of her accounts were deleted.
Stephanie Cudd, Facebook photo
If anyone has any information on her location, they can contact the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department at 925-646-2441, case # 10-2199 

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