Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tech News: Full mission profile demonstration of our Multi-Mission Aircraft

PTG Demonstrates Fire Support Capabilities to Ventura County Fire Leadership

by Patriot Technologies Group, LLC on July 22, 2010
Washington, DC, July 22, 2010 – Patriot Technologies Group (PTG) is pleased to announce the completion of a full mission profile demonstration of our Multi-Mission Aircraft (MMA) to Fire Chiefs representing the Ventura County, CA Fire District yesterday.

“We are happy to have had the opportunity to illustrate the important situational awareness tools our Multi-Mission Aircraft can provide for airborne fire support,” said PTG CEO Dan Caine.
“Every year hundreds of brave firefighters risk their lives for us fighting incredibly complex fires in California.  We care deeply about the sacrifices that they make and believe our aircraft will provide the firefighters and their leadership greater real-time situational awareness, and help keep our firefighters and communities safe,” said Caine.

PTG’s Multi-Mission Aircraft (MMA) is a revolutionary, affordable, airborne mapping and aerial support vehicle for clients.  PTG’s MMA is an extraordinarily capable technology focused system, packaged on a very economical single-engine fixed-wing aircraft.  The retractable EO/IR camera ball and on-board mapping system allow the two-man crew to quickly generate precisely geo-registered maps of the fire perimeter and hot spots.  These “shape” files are immediately available to GIS personnel on the ground through in-flight cellular and line-of-sight downlinks.  The system can also precisely measure flame height and surface area, as well as transmit live video to battery powered, hand-held receivers that are provided with the PTG service.

PTG’s MMA can provide real-time streaming video, near real-time pictures, perimeter map and shapefiles, all designed to assist incident commanders with key and time critical decision making information.   Experienced aviators and TFOs that have flown on multiple fire missions will control PTG’s MMA.  This aircraft will provide Ventura County Fire District and other Departments and Agencies greater real-time situational awareness and help keep our firefighters and communities safe.
PTG is a leading homeland security firm.

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Dan Caine
Patriot Technologies Group, LLC

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