Saturday, August 21, 2010

CA-CNF/MVU-El Monte (Monte) Wildland Fire, 1,047 acres - 10%

Incident Overview

The El Monte fire started at 1:00pm on Saturday, August 21, 2010 at the edge of El Monte Park in Lakeside, in San Diego County. Steep slopes and light, flashy fuels contributed to rapid fire growth to an estimated 2,000-2,500 acres. Once an aerial overflight using GPS technology was completed, the acreage was corrected to 1,047 acres within the fire perimeter.
Fire was in unified command with US Forest Service, CAL FIRE, Heartland Fire Agency, Bureau of Land Management, Lakeside Fire, and Barona Fire. As of 0600 Sunday, August 22, 2010, Southern California Interagency Incident Management Team 1 will be assuming management of the incident.
Closures include: A Residents-only closure at the intersection of El Monte Rd and Lake Jennings Rd. Both El Monte Park and El Cap Reservoir.
Air Tanker dropping retardant along the foothills of El Cajon Mountain (also known as El Capitan)
Photo Credit: Candy Barra-Jenkins

“It is burning along the planned route of the Sunrise Powerlink, along the foothills of El Cajon Mountain (also known as El Capitan) and near the reservoir,” confirmed Laura Cyphert, a resident of El Monte Valley in Lakeside, told East County Magazine. “It is also burning in the area where the Golden Eagles nest, according to Billy Ortiz who sighted the nest on a hike up El Cajon Mountain.”
Excerpt from article at: http://www.eastcountymagazine - Link 
The spread of the fire has been stopped. Improved mapping updates the acreage to 1,047 acres.
The Incident Commander is beginning to release some of the firefighting aircraft.
CAL FIRE is in unified command with the Cleveland National Forest, but a USFS Management Team will take over at 9 p.m.
Evacuations: El Capitan Reservoir and El Monte Park was evacuated for precautionary reasons; there is still no threat to structures. 10 people have been evacuated by Sheriff’s helicopters - Cal Fire reporting that eight persons who were hiking on a peak of El Cajon Mountain, potentially in the path of the fire, had to be airlifted off the mountain to safety and two residents.
Injuries: 2 minor firefighter injuries reported.

Unified command with Cal Fire/Lakeside/USFS
Fire has reached the top of the mountain 
CA-CNF/MVU-El Monte (Monte) Fire Map - WUI, 3000 acres, 5-10% contained

Current WX: data 1/2 mi. south of fire:

Conditions: AA states conditions ripe for a major fire, now established on El Cajon Mtn, which last burned in 2003 Cedar Fire.
Growth Potential: High
Fuels: Annual grasses and chaparral
Terrain:  Steep, rocky and heavy grass load. Limited ground access, due to roads in area not maintained since 2003 Cedar rehab. 
1900- Fire acreage revised 1,047 acres - 10% after mapping flight.
1800- The spread of the fire has been stopped.
1700hrs- 2,000 acres 5-10% contained.
IC ROSS request for CDF/USFS ST specific due to two separate extensive hose lays from the valley bottom to the top of El Cajon Mnt.
1525- large commercial pipe storage yard on fire with ABS, PVC etc at base of dam putting up large column black smoke.1515- Three CNF Hotshot crews released from ANF, being ordered for day shift tomorrow.
AA concerned fire could spot across the lake to the east if the head can't be slowed.
Air Ops: Current priority is northface of El El Cajon Mtn, with Lead-Bravo 5 assisting AA and H-301 as HELCO. 
1510 - Div. 4 states acreage now in excess 1500 and running. CNF requested a Type II IMT, ICP to be set-up at El Monte Co. Park.
1500- 10 people have been rescued and pulled out of the fire area, 2 hikers and 8 from a residence - 
1445- Per IC 1500-2000 acres, Fire is on top of El Cajon Mtn. AA can't see head of fire due to visibility.,
1415- 300+ acres. Starting to spot ahead of itself out near the dam. multi Injuries reported ALS ordered. 
1400- Helicopters are making evacuations at this time - IC request 5 Water tenders and an additional type 1 helo, IC preodering resources if needed for Upper Blossom Valley...contingency plan, holding off on filling until needed
3 Type 1 ST
1 Type 3 ST
1345- Starting to burn onto the forest, Per IC fire is over 50 acres, rapid rate of spread. Burning North of El Capitan Rd. towards the East. Ordered up 1 Type one ST Immediate need 5 closest type three engines.
1320 - Structures threatened with some residents cutoff from evacuation.
AA asking for 3 additional AT to keep fire from spreading onto USFS-CNF
1330 - AA330 size up , 10 acres , potential for extended attack , ordered 4 additional tankers and 3 copters, structure fire into the veg , CNF now has a full response going and unified command.
Location: North side of El Monte Road, east of the community of Lakeside, fire started at base of El Cajon mtn in the flats.
IC: El Monte Park.
Resources: Three CNF Hotshot crews released from ANF, being ordered for day shift tomorrow. AA-330, T- 70, 72, 73. C-12, C-10, H-538. 301 and HT-781 enroute from Hemet.
Comm plan: CDF CMD 3 , Tac 8 & Air Tactics 22 151.2875
CAL FIRE Info: (619) 590-3160 (Monte Fire Information) 
More info: CFN on Twitter - link
Listen live Online Scanner: Live radio traffic here:
View live from North Peak HPWREN west cam:
Lyons Peak north cam:
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