Saturday, July 31, 2010

CA-LAC- Glendora IC - Vehicle Accident with wildland fire extension

Glendora IC:  (ANF -3232)  2nd alarm Brush Fire: Los Angeles County - Angeles National forest - FS86,
Location:  Glendora Mt Rd x Big Dalton Cyn., Los Angeles, CA
ICP: currently on Glendora Mt.Rd.
Sizeup: Reported TC w/Fire, E86 1 mile out heavy smoke balance to brush. B6-T17
Resources: *Glendora IC* BC16 IC, E86 Ops
 Resource List as of 1330hrs Incident 3232, the following ANF units are at scene - WT22 WT25 Pat21 Pat25 BC21 Crew3 Div2 E23 E25 E26 E27 - E14 is still responding.
ANF E14 is on scene, AZ E37 is also at scene (ANF has 10 engines from Arizona listed on the Resource list - several are on the Biggs incident)
BDF E-337,
Communications: A-Blue6, C-Blue7, PTac-T17, STac-State White 2, C/D-Blue14D, Air/Grn-T19

 Copters on Victor 7 135.9750, Air-Ground 170.000

LACoFD Glendora IC Updates:
1525hrs- LACO engines being released . ANF and crews handling mopeup. E82, E152 & E103 to remain..
1445-  50% containment, crews will be working until 1800. DC6 passing command back to AC41.
2000- 15 acres with 80% containment. Releasing Air Support. AC41 requesting ambulance to respond and standby at the command post.
1230ICP on Glendora Mt.Rd.
1226- LACoFD & ANF onscene- 7 to 10 acres in heavy fuel. 1144- No rescue in progress, found TC victim. 
1217- FS86. E86 OS 1-2 acres in heavy fuel going up hill. E86 is Glendora IC req complan
1207- 2nd Alarm unit to stage at ANF station on Glendora Mtn Rd, E32 staging Manager. 1200hrs -  *Glendora IC* requesting 2nd Alarm, Usar TF103 also enroute for TC Over The Side., E151 is manning HS86C, crews unable to check for vehicle over the side due to heavy fire.

More Info Sources: SacBee Link

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