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CA-LAC- Crown IC (Agua Dulce) - 6000-7000 est acres, 0%, Structure loss

CA-LAC- Crown IC (Agua Dulce): Los Angeles County California Wildland fire (Brush)

Seen from the 14 Freeway, a fast moving wildfire burns near Acton, Calif. on Thursday, July 29, 2010.
Credit: Story link (AP Photo/Dan Steinberg) (AP Photo)

Los Angeles County Wildland Fire - Crown IC (Agua Dulce):  Current Fire conditions: Fast Rate of spread, Multiple ground resources en-route and on scene. Air resources being diverted from a 30 acre Lancaster Fire
Location: LA County off Hwy 14 and Crown Valley near Agua Dolce, Fire is burning north of Sierra Highway at Anthony Road. 
Evacuation Centers:
  • Agua Dulce Elementary School 11311 Frascati Street
  • Acton Community Center 3748 Nickels Ave
  • Marie Kerr Park 2730 West Rancho Vista Blvd
Urgent Fire Ground Communications Note:
: From a county source, it was McDill that burned, not Hauser.
Hauser Peak. (Radio system) Fire Damaged.
Due to damage at Mount Hauser Radio reperter/microwave site FIRE and LEO radio repeaters are currently disabled, LACoFD utilizing the Whitaker Peak repeater site for Blue 4, 8, 11, 12.
*Crown IC* LA County Wildland Urban Interface Fire estimated to be 6000-7000 acres @ 2400hrs 7-29-10GeoMac GEOMAC Satellite Fire Perimeter/Hot spot map
GeoMac near real-time information, fire perimeter data is updated daily based upon input from incident intelligence sources, GPS data, and infrared (IR) imagery from fixed wing and satellite platforms.- Link
Narrative updates:
2400hrs: Everyone on the fire-lines stay safe tonight #LCES - 10 Standard Fire Orders - 18 Situations That Shout Watch Out! - Go Home in 1 piece.Several Strike Teams are at the Palmdale staging area. They will rest overnight & relieve the crews that are working now in the A.M.
2300hrs:  6000-7000 est acres, LACoFD & LAFD will continue Air Ops throughout the night as long as possible. Structure protection in place.
2230hrs: Fire has spotted over the California Aqueduct on the North side and now burning into structures in Rancho Vista area. #WUF
2320hrs:  Official  PIO update - 3 small out buildings lost, 1 hay storage building now burning, 0 homes lost
WX: Winds now averaging 20 kts, down from 25-35 at 2200 hrs. Predicted to be light at 0600.
Temps dropping quickly, now 79, down from low 90's at 2200 hrs.
Temps predicted to be 100 degrees tomorrow.
2130hrs:  IC requesting AA up at 0600, 4 ATs up at 0700 and Tanker 910 over fire at 0700
2115hrs: Req Air Force Plant 42 WT to man and set up Helispot 24 Delta for the remainder of the night. per LACFD Twitter - link
2100hrs: Structures lost on Mt Hauser and LACSD and Fire radio repeaters down in the north county due to damage, CBS Copter2 showing one of the buildings on the repeater site burning. 
2030hrs: Estimating fire is at 5500+ acres now 0% containment. 2000+ homes under mandatory evacuation orders, Fire has reached homes on Boquet Canyon Road - Fire will back down toward Godde Hill Rd tonight, Request for 12 additional WTs will be filled by 0900, Repeater sites on Mt McDill directly threatened.  LA County IMT has been activated for this fire.KCAL TV-9 helicopter video showed fire encroaching in the doorway of the Hauser Peak county radio building at about 2030hrs.
2000hrs: IC requesting 4 ATs, 1 Lead and 1 AA for tomorrow morning, Orange County Copter 3 enroute.
1930hrs: Briggs Ops is releasing resources to the Crown IC Continuing Mandatory evacuations for parts of Leona Valley. 
1900hrs: Type 1 ST to report to Elizabeth Lake Road and 20th Street West, IC requested 4 additional airtankers - Per South Ops, highly unlikely they will be able to fill 4 additional ATs in time to work tonight.
1845hrs: 1 structure now on fire and 15 others being evacuated on Elizabeth Lake Road
1830hrs2000 acres, at least 1 Structure lost, Fire is burning north of Sierra Highway at Anthony Road. IC just asked for 10 type 1 engine strike teams to report to Palmdale staging immediate need 
1800hrs: *Crown IC* Fire at 800+ acres. Mandatory evacs for parts of Leona Valley. Calling for aerial drops due to structure threat, *Briggs IC* Releasing E 82's, E 149's, E132's, E 111's, E 76's & WT 73's to the Crown IC as per their need with Strike Team 1170C is to form up under the command of BN 5A and stage at Ave S @ 14 Fwy.
1740hrs: Crown IC has established 2 staging areas for the Crown Incident. First on the South end of the fire is at Highway 14 x Red Rover Road, and the second is in Leona Valley and known as Valley Staging and is located on Elizabeth Lake Road between Ridder Road and Godde Hill Road.
1730hrs: Per Crown IC, 500 acres, 0% containment
1645hrs: 200 acres, Crown IC asking for LAC 3rd alarm, Staging Anthony Road. Fire backing into Leona Valley.XRI ST TYPE 3 en route
14505hrs: 80-100 acres, IC requested a 2nd alarm, Total of 4 AT's on this fire now.There are at least two starts. One start was on Crown Valley Rd, the other on Anthony Rd.
LA County Fire Camp 11 amongst several other structures are threatened
and have been evacuated.
1430hrs: Multiple Structure threats, at least 5 acres in medium to heavy brush and grass. This is the 3rd fire in the area burning at the same time. 
14:22hrs: Fire reported  3 to 5 acre sizeup.
Resource Notes:
Resource orders:
2145hrs: 4 Type I Strike Teams just launched from Orange County – 2 ORC and 2 XOR from Metronet.
2100hrs - Single Resource Engines
Type 1 - 19 Filled, 16 unfilled
Type 4 - 4 filled, 0 unfilled
Engine Strike Teams
Type 1 - 13 Filled, 0 unfilled
Type 3 - 8 filled, 5 unfilled
Type 4 - 0 filled, 2 unfilled
20:45 - Additional request for tomorrow morning
6 type 2 helicopter
2 type 1 copters
2 sky cranes XLC sent - 1204a - SGB E52 / MPK E61 / ALH E74 / MRV E101 / ARC E105 - BC105 leader
also - 1203a - BRK E11 / BRK E15 / GLN E25 / GLN E26 / PAS E36 - BC3 Leader
and - 1205a - BRK E12 / BRK E14 / GLN E29 / PAS E31 / SNM E91 - BC7 Leader
Fire Map:

View Crown IC (Agua Dulce) in a larger map

updated as of 7:28pm 7-29-30
Incident Radio Feed:  LACOFD BLUE 4 - COMMAND Feed
More Info sources:
Los Angeles County Fire website- Link
Los Angeles County Fire Twitter - Link - Link
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