Thursday, October 8, 2009

CAL FIRE Forestry: Magalia Reforestation Center seedling program

Tree Seedlings Available for Post-Fire Forest Restoration

Sacramento - California’s forest landowners are again experiencing the impacts of wildland fires on their property.
To assist those affected by wildfires, CAL FIRE has an assistance program that offers tree seedlings for reforestation.

The Tree Seedling Nursery Program grows and sells tree seedlings for reforesting burned-over
and understocked lands of small forest ownerships. CAL FIRE is growing a good inventory of
seedlings, but because of last year’s exceptionally severe fire season, demand may outpace the

Therefore, CAL FIRE is advising landowners to first check with the nursery staff to
determine what seedlings are available and to submit their orders early. The nursery will start
accepting orders on November 1, on a first-come, first-served basis. CAL FIRE staff also can
direct landowners to private nurseries that may have appropriate planting stock to meet their

The CAL FIRE Nursery Program has a staff of foresters who can provide free reforestation
advice to landowners. Additionally, CAL FIRE has Forestry Assistant Specialists at many local Unit Offices who can also provide free reforestation advice or direct individuals to the type of professional consultant they need to assist them.
These specialists also can provide information on State or Federal cost-share funding that may be available.

Seedling prices vary by age (one or two year old), how they are grown (bare root or in
containers) and by the quantity purchased. Seedlings grown cover the majority of California’s
timberland conifer species. Additionally a few hardwoods and non-native species are grown for specific landowner objectives.

All seedlings grown are from seed that is well adapted to the various climate zones, growing conditions and elevations found within the state. The seedlings are grown at the Magalia Reforestation Center east of Chico.

The 2009-2010 order form and price list will be available on line or by request after October 15, 2009.

For more information: please contact the Magalia Reforestation Center at 6640 Steiffer
Road, Magalia, 95954, Phone: (530) 872-6301, email:

To order seedlings go to and click on “Resource Management,” then “State Nurseries.”
News Release PDF Info:

To contact a Forestry Assistance Specialist in your area click on “Forestry Assistance” then “Contact a Forest Advisor.”

CONTACT: Rich Eliot - Division Chief - Nursery Program

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  1. I am in search of purchasing some giant redwood seedlings. Can anyone direct me to who has them ?


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