Sunday, June 28, 2009

CA-TCU - ROCK - Vegetation Fire - Rock Creek Landfill

CA-TCU- ROCK IC - Full wildland Fire response, near Rock Creek Landfill - City of Milton in Calaveras County
Power lines down across Milton Road

Update: 1715 hrs IC requesting 3 more water tenders, containment holding at around 200 acres
Update: 1647 hrs - Tankers 80, 81 released loaded back to Hollister.
Update: 1635 hrs - 4474, 4475 @scene
Update: 1628 hrs - Tankers 80 and 81 inbound no ETA, Copter H-516 ETA 1651 hrs.
Update: 1620 hrs -IC calling for HazMat: Fire is in dump area, lots of burning plastics - IC is requesting Calaveras County OES and Haz-Mat for mitigation, Copter 516 dispatched from Big Hill in AEU
Update: 1616 hrs - 2744 @scene
1612 hrs - Per IC - Couple hundred acres, Fire has lots of fingers, Spotting, Trying to hold it to the dump area.
Vallecitos crew 2 and crew 4
@ scene.
Update: 1600 hrs -100+ acres, Fire has lots of fingers, fire crossing or will cross Milton Road, IC requesting to bump up response by five additional type 3 engines(4474,4475,44x4?, 2754,2784). Rock Air Attack - ordering additional type 2 copter with crew, and two additional tankers.
1557 hrs - 4452@ scene
Update: 1555 hrs - DT 4442, 4472, 4473, 4468, 4422(p) @ scene. Rock Air Attack dropping a Tanker,
Update: 1542 hrs -WT-149, 4461, 4471 at scene, 2744 entering the unit
Update: 1532 hrs - Per AA fire @ 50 acres, has jumped Hunt Road, fire on both sides of road heading uphill towards landfill, Fire will probably jump Rock Creek Road. Two AT's inbound.
1520 hrs - Sizeup IC requesting two more out of unit dozer's,
Dozer 4442 is reporting a large building column from Altaville.
Update: 1515 hrs - Two engines from Jenny Lind responding.

Initial sizeup:
Local Govt BC at scene reporting 10 acres in the grass on both sides of Milton Road, Moderate rate of spread. Light winds in the area and temps over 100
Location: Rock Creek Landfill Milton Road, Hunt Ranch Road X McCarty Mine Road
TCU dispatching High Dispatch to a reported fire at the Rock Creek Landfill off Hunt Road and Milton.

Cal Fire: 1 BC (4413)
8 engines
2 crews
3 dozer 2744
1 AA
2 AT
1 copter - 404
Local Govt: e-112, Jenny Lind also responding with Two engines and water tender
Comms: Rock IC - CDF Tac 8 151.1750 local tone 2
151.175 Dispatch - San Andreas
151.370 TAC 8
151.280 Air Tac - Tactics 4
151.220 Air to Ground
Online scanners: - Link

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