Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oroville City employees' salaries online

City employees' salaries posted online: Police sergeant was top wage earner

Posted: 03/27/2009

OROVILLE -- The 2008 salaries of the all city of Oroville employees were posted online Friday.

The salaries are available at

In August of 2008, California Supreme Court ruled that salaries of government employees, including police officers, are public record and must be available upon request, along with employee names.

The Web site also includes salaries of Butte County, Cal Fire-Butte County, Butte College, Chico State University, city of Chico and Chico Unified School District personnel.

While salaries for the top city administrative officers earn the most money, with overtime and special pay the top wage earner last year was Oroville Police department Sgt. Bill LaGrone at $113,378.

City Administrator Sharon Atteberry made a tad less with special pay at $113,363. Police Chief Kirk Trostle earned $109,944 including special pay and Eric Teitelman, director of community development and public works made $108,081.

LaGrone and two police officers earned more than $27,000 in overtime pay.

Police personnel earned the most in overtime hours last year. Trostle said that was because the department was short staffed.

Trostle said the department will be fully staffed this year, when a couple of officers complete training. "I think the citizens of Oroville will see overtime salaries for the police department going down this year," Trostle said.

Police officers and personnel have been working overtime by choice, Trostle said.

Police Lt. John Nickelson was also one of the highest paid employees, with special pay earning $106,521.

However, Nickelson, like Trostle and other administrative personnel, isn't paid for overtime.

Finance director Diane MacMillan said special pay includes items such as incentive pay for longtime employees, uniform allowances and other expenses including education.

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