Thursday, May 22, 2008

CA-CZU-Summit IC - Wildland Fire - 1800+ acres

Update: 10:00hrs - Evacuation center at C.T. English Middle School in the Loma Prieta School District. - Staging has moved to Watsonville fairgrounds - Per IC fire at 1700-2000 acres potential for 4000 acres could go as high as
10,000 acres.
09:00hrs -1200+ Acres, Evacuations underway, making a run a Summit road,
priority is keeping it from crossing Summit. Assertion on Cmd1 that this will run through to the Santa Cruz valley floor. 360 Dove lane x Eureka rd requesting emergency. evacuation as they are trapped by the fire. S.O. was unable to get them out.
Update: 08:00hrs -1000+ acres no containment, Homes are currently involved, the
Vegetation fire is burning about seven miles east of Highway 17 in the Santa Cruz Mountains and is threatening more homes.
Initial call: 05:30 Grass fire near Highway 17 and Summit Road, started near the intersection of Summit and Loma Prieta roads, Ormsby road
Current sizeup:
500 acres, Rapid ROS,
Resources: Large wildland response, ST 9258G departing TGU for Santa Clara. Also TGU just tonedout Dozer ST 9261L (dozers 2542,2544) to Gilroy (Santa Clara). ST 9170c, 9140c, 9441c
Air resource orders: Tanker 910 has been requested.
- Copter order: total of 3x Type 1, 5x Type 2, 2x Type 3 for recon
- Tanker order: 3x Type 1, 4x Type 2
Location: Summit Rd in an area between Uvas County Park and Mount Madonna County Park, on the Santa Cruz County side of Summit Road. Loma Prieta peak, Mt Madonna Rd, off Summit Road near Loma Prieta Road in the Felton area of the Santa Cruz mountains. Near Mount Madonna County Park about 10 miles west of Gilroy.
- Command: 1 / tone 9
- CZU local
- Air Tac 151.295
- Air Tac 151.280
- Air/Ground 151.22
- Tac 2 151.16
- White 2 [division ops]
- White 1 [incoming unit travel]
WUI: Numerous homes are threatened,
Evacuations: Evacuations underway - Sheriff's deputies from Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties are in the process of evacuating residents living in a three-mile stretch from Mount Madonna Road to Ormsby Cutoff Road, three schools, C.T. English Middle School, Loma Prieta Elementary School in Los Gatos and Mount Madonna School in Watsonville - both on Summit Road - were closed for the day
Staging area: @ Hwy 152 Summit Road @ Neiman Flats Staging has moved to Watsonville fairgrounds -
Fire behavior: Rapid Rate of Spread, Winds pushing fire east to Eureka Canyon
Road Closures: Summitt Road at Mount Madonna Road is closed. Pole Line Road is also closed, according to the California Highway Patrol.
Weather: Spot Forecast: "Gusterly" northern winds; morning N-NE with terrain
steering winds; changing to NW later; 20-30 MPH, gusts to 40+ in morning;
slowly decreasing to 15-20 MPH by afternoon, gusts to 30; conditions will
improve tomorrow

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