Wednesday, April 30, 2008

CA-SMD-Santa Anita Fire - 584 Acres 88 Percent

CA-SMD-Santa Anita (Chantry Flats)
Santa Anita Fire - This mornings 209:

1: Date 04/30/2008
2: Time 0600
4: Incident Number CA-SMD-08-22735
5: Incident Name SANTA ANITA
6: Incident Kind Wildland Fire (Full Suppression/Perimeter Control)
7: Start Date Time 04/26/2008 1501
8: Cause Under Investigation
9: Incident Commander Fiorella/Heydorff/Diaz
10: Incident Command Organization Unified Command
11: State-Unit CA-SMD
13: Latitude and Longitude Lat: 34° 10´ 16" Long: 118° 1´ 56" Ownership: CA-SMD
14: Short Location Description (in reference to nearest town): Within one (1) mile of Chantry Flats Campground
15: Size/Area Involved 584 ACRES
16: % Contained or MMA 88 Percent
17: Expected Containment Date: 05/02/2008
18: Line to Build 68 Chains
19: Estimated Costs to Date $2,400,000
22: Injuries to Date: 04
Values at Risk: include communities, critical infrastructure, natural and cultural resources in 12, 24, 48 and 72 hour time frames:
12 hours: Recreational areas, powerlines, nature center, residential structures and threatened and endagered species.
24 hours: Recreational areas, powerlines, nature center, residential structures and threatened and endagered species. Mt. Wilson observatory and telecommunications site.
48 hours:
72 hours: 28: Critical Resource Needs (amount, type, kind and number of operational periods () in priority order in 12, 24, 48, and 72 hour time frames):
12 hours: None
24 hours:
48 hours:
72 hours:
29: Major problems and concerns (control problems, social/political/economic concerns or impacts, etc.) Relate critical resources needs identified above to the Incident Action Plan.
High temperatures, steep terrain, low RH and wildland urban interface.
30: Observed Weather for Current Operational Period
Peak Gusts (mph): 2-6 Max. Temperature: 53
Wind Direction: SW Min. Relative Humidity: 84
31: Fuels/Materials Involved: 4 Chaparral (6 Feet)
32: Today's observed fire behavior (leave blank for non-fire events):
Isolated hot spots.
33: Significant events today (closures, evacuations, significant progress made, etc.):
All of the evacuated areas, with the exception of Chantry Flats in the Angeles National Forest, have been reopened. Heavy demobilization expected to occur today and tomorrow.
34: Forecasted Weather for next Operational Period
Wind Speed (mph): 4-6 Temperature: 69
Wind Direction: W Relative Humidity: 36
36: Projected Final Size: 650 acres
38: Actions planned for next operational period: Improve line, mop up and provide structure protection. IR flight.
39: For fire incidents, describe resistance to control in terms of:1. Growth Potential - Low2. Difficulty of Terrain - Extreme
40: Given the current constraints, when will the chosen management strategy succeed?
With the cooler temperatures and good progress made by the crews, it is anticipated that containment will be achieved on May 2nd.
41: Projected demobilization start date: 04/29/2008 1800
42: Remarks: Unified Command with USFS (Fiorella), Sierra Madre Fire (Heydorf) and Sierra Madre Police (Diaz). Acreage aportionment: USFS=238 acres and Sierra Madre=346 acres. (update, first submission had LA County Sheriff as part of unified command).
45: Prepared by: Pete Lawrence-SITL 46: Approved by: Dave Fiorella 47: Sent to:FAMWEB by: M. Howell Date: 04/30/2008 Time: 0621

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