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Thursday, December 12, 2013

CA-LPF Fire Restrictions Lowered for Los Padres National Forest #CaFire

Fire Restrictions Lowered for Los Padres National Forest

Recent rainfall across the Los Padres National Forest has led to rising fuel moisture levels, prompting officials to reduce fire restrictions on the forest effective immediately. Under the reduced fire restrictions, campfires and charcoal barbecues will be allowed in all areas of the Los Padres National Forest.

A California Campfire Permit, available free of charge on the forest's website, is required to build a campfire outside of a designated Campfire Use Site
Campfire Permits are designed for use on federally controlled lands including those falling under the US Forest Service, National Park Service, and Bureau of Land Management, and private lands that are the property of another person. On private lands you must also have written permission from the landowner for campfire use.

Campfire Permits required for open fires, such as campfires, barbecues and portable stoves.

Permits are subject to restriction by local authorities. The need for restrictions is reviewed almost daily during the summer months and permits may even be suspended without advance notice. Permittee must check with local authorities each time they go out to an area. 

Always be firesafe:
  • Clear all flammable material away from the fire for 10 feet in all directions to prevent escape of the fire.
  • Have a shovel available at the campfire site for preparing and extinguishing campfires.
  • Have a responsible person in attendance at all times.
  • Extinguish campfires with water, using the drown, stir, and feel method.
Print the form, fill out the information, sign and date and take the permit with you. You DO NOT need to fax the permit in. It is already preauthorized by our fire protection officers. You can also go to any Forest Service, CALFIRE, or Bureau of Land Management office during business hours and a receptionist will issue you a permit.
Your California Campfire Permit is valid until the end of the calendar year; it may be used in any National Forest in California.
During certain times of the year, it is necessary to impose restrictions on campfires and other open flame fires due to high fire danger. It is your responsibility to know what the current restrictions are for the area that you plan to visit.
Internal combustion engines may be operated only on roads or designated trails. (This restriction is in effect year-round)
Spark arresters are required on all off-highway vehicles, chainsaws, and other internal combustion engines and equipment. (This restriction is in effect at all times of the year)
A permit is required for all welding, grinding, cutting, or use of explosives. (This restriction is in effect at all times of the year)
The use of tracer ammunition is prohibited. (This restriction is in effect at all times of the year)
Fireworks are prohibited in Los Padres National Forest. (This restriction is in effect at all times of the year)
Permits can be issued by the US Forest Service (USFS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), National Park Service (NPS), and the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) or online at

You can contact the CAL FIRE at 916-653-5123, USFS at 707-562-8737, BLM at 916-978-4400, or refer to the individual National Park at, for more information.


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