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Sunday, September 8, 2013

CA-SCH-Fremont Vegetation Fire Into Structures Schellville, Sonoma County 40 acres, 5 Structures in Pallet factory destroyed from transformer BLEVE #CaFire

Fremont  Vegetation Fire Into Structures CA-SCH-Fremont Sonoma County
Fire personnel tried to get some water on the fire at Sonoma Pacific lumberyard Sunday
 Credit: David Bolling/Index-Tribune
Road Closure: CHP shut down Highway 121 between Arnold Drive and Eighth Street East and also shut down Broadway at Watmaugh.

BLEVE as 1,000-gallon propane tank exploded, sending a huge fireball into the sky, and numerous power transformers also exploded, one of them drenching a press photographer in insulating mineral oil.

Update 1520: 40 acres, 5 Structures within the Pallet factory destroyed.
Update 1520: IC reporting a BLEVE, 
all resources accounted for and uninjured. Numerous spot fires now as as result. Marin County forming up an immediate need Task Force to the scene.Staging area set up at Schellvista Stn 1 Fremont/Broadway

Location: Fremont Rd x of E 8th Ave in Schellville, Sonoma County

IA Description: 30 acres vegetation.
IA Resources: Several Sonoma County Local Government Resoucres, as well as CALFIRE Air and Ground Resources
ROC: Vegitation fire with Power Lines down, involving multiple structures, Pallet Yard, and high winds
ROS: Rapid
Structure Threats: no current threat
Situation Concerns/Alerts: Power Lines Down
Situation Comments: -
Additional Resource Notes: -
Agency Website: -
Radio Frequencies: Sonoma County RedCom -

CMD: XSN Control 4
Online Scanners:
Weather: Sunday Clear. High of 93F. Winds from the WSW at 5 to 15 mph. Sunday Night Clear. Low of 54F. Winds from the WSW at 5 to 10 mph
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