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Saturday, July 13, 2013

CA-SHU-PanoramaFire 35 acres, 100% contained. Panorama Road Northeast of Cottonwood. Shasta County

CA-SHU-Panorama Wildland fire Shasta County

Update 1800: 100%
Update 163030-40 acres, hoping to hold it to the south/west of Kimberly and Austin Hoy, keeping it out of the homes on Hawes. It has gotten into wildland on the west side near old Simpson Paper Mill no structures involved yet. An old eucalyptus orchard is involved, a "mess" described by the IC.
Update 165035 acres, Forward rate slowed, 35-40 acres. extended mop up.
Location: Panorama Road Northeast of Cottonwood. Shasta County
Reported Date/time: *
IA: *
ROS:  Moderate
ROC:  25-30 acres Structures threatened on Hawes Road
Structure Threats: Sheriff evacuation Kimberly at Hawes, Road Closures Panorama Point at Kimberly, Panorama Point at Lone Tree
Concerns: *
Resource notes:  SHU wildland response, plus 5 addl closest engines upon first in. , E2573 enroute from TGU, AA503, Tankers 94, 95 and Copter 205
Cooperating Agencies: *
Weather Info: *
Special Conditions: *
Other Comments: *
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