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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Butte County BCVFF training program for its fire department volunteers.

On October 5 Butte County started a training program for its fire department volunteers.

 A 6 month program all weekends consisting of 4 different modules.
 32hrs of Support, 32hrs of EMS, 32hrs of Wildland, and 40hrs of Structures.

 Turn out was better than expected with 39 applicants. This is the first class of its type where the volunteers train just like the full time firefighters and will receive certifications.

Applicants go through a life scan and background checks along with an oral interview. 

The goal is to have the volunteers able to respond properly and trained to help with the less manned stations.

 BCVFF are a big part of the fire service and are relied on for help  and support. Some stations are only manned with 2 full time FF. 

When responding to a fire the volunteers make it so more resources are available for rescue and help fighting the fire. 

They will also assist with medical calls. More to come on this so stay tuned.

Author and Photos: VFF Carlos Campusano CO 33 


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