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Friday, July 12, 2013

Lake Tahoe: El Dorado Sheriff’s SWAT Team Deployed For Armed Marine Who Had Served in Iraq Behind Heavenly Ski Resort Who Posted Facebook Video

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Press Release -Suicide
Lt. Pete Van Arnum L773
July 12, 2013
On 7/12/13 the El Dorado Sheriff’s Office received information that a suicidal male subject was in the forest behind Heavenly Ski resort.
  The subject had posted a Facebook video of himself, which depicted him in this forested area, leaving a message to his family.  The subject gave the GPS coordinates of his location on the video.  Other recent Facebook postings depicted the subject with a handgun wearing a military gas mask, and other photos of a .308 scoped sniper rifle and military backpack.   Information was developed that the subject was an ex-marine who had served in Irag, was despondent, and had left his residence last night with the .308 rifle, a 45 caliber handgun, and backpack.

Due to the risk to public safety, the El Dorado Sheriff’s SWAT Team responded to the area to locate the subject.  With the assistance of a California Highway Patrol helicopter, the subject was located deceased in a wooded area off Sherman Way, South Lake Tahoe, CA.  The subject apparently died of a self inflicted gunshot wound. The rifle and handgun were recovered at the scene.  The subject is identified as Justin Chuckyin Ho, 25 years of age from Fremont, CA

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