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Friday, December 7, 2012

WFF News: Support for Heather Kantor

Wildland Firefighter Foundation / News

 Heather Kantor was a firefighter on an engine on the TAHOE and now works dispatch on the TAHOE. If you can help spread the word, so we can save her life! She has been approved as a Voluntary Leave Transfer Program recipient and is in need of donated annual leave and support.

From Heather- "I am currently in the hospital with kidney failure due to the fact that my original donor was older and was only ever expected to last 4 to 5 years. It has lasted 6 years, but now it is time for a new one and thankfully, I have multiple potential donors who have volunteered to save my life. I will likely be away from work for a few months dealing with preliminary appointments and testing, having the transplant and then recovering. Any leave donations, however small, would be a huge help in getting through this."

If you are interested in donating annual leave or helping show your support to Heather in other ways, please email or call 208-336-2996.

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