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Monday, May 20, 2013

CA-SCU-IVY #WildFire #WUI 8 acres,100% contained [Final] #CaFire

Update 1451: 8 acres,100% contained 
Update 1450: 8 acres, 65% contained 
Update 1435: ConFire Requesting Emergency Recall, Media Stage at Ivy and Descanso
Update 1345: IC stating both flanks are still wide open, IC requesting Type 1's on the 3rd alarm for structure protection
Location: 80 Ivy Drive, Orinda [Contra Costa County] 
Reported Date/time: *
IA: 5 acres 
ROS: Rapid
ROC: 5 Acres, making a strong run, structures threatened
Structure Threats: Yes
Concerns: *
ICP: Orinda Intermediate school
Resources: Cal Fire with full response
Cooperating Agencies: *
Weather Info:  90, light winds
Special Conditions: *
Other Comments: *
Radio Frequencies: *
Maps: *
Agency Website: *
Live Video: *

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